Christmas Gifts Albuquerque NM

Local resource for Christmas gifts in Albuquerque, NM. Includes detailed information on local businesses that give access to Christmas gifts, toy stores, electronics stores as well as information on jewelry stores and content on gifts.

Fair Plaza Flowers & Gifts
(505) 265-8059
6001 Lomas Blvd Ne
Albuquerque, NM
Wrights Collection-indian Art
(505) 266-0120
1100 San Mateo Blvd Ne # 21
Albuquerque, NM
J & J Gifts
(505) 881-4343
6600 Menaul Blvd Ne
Albuquerque, NM
Maxwells Gifts & More
(505) 266-5911
1023 Vermont St Ne
Albuquerque, NM
Charlottes Flowers
(505) 256-9471
424 Carlisle Blvd Se
Albuquerque, NM
(505) 254-1434
114 Amherst Dr Se
Albuquerque, NM
Magic Juggler Shop
(505) 255-2303
3205 Central Ave Ne
Albuquerque, NM
Hey Jhonny
(505) 256-9244
3418 Central Ave Se
Albuquerque, NM
Richards Store
(505) 977-0768
1800 Madeira Drive Ne
Albuquerque, NM
African Imports
(505) 266-3915
4523 Sunningdale Ave Ne
Albuquerque, NM

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Cash feels like a cheap, impersonal gift, so why not give a gift that will keep on giving instead. All of us are afraid that we're wasting our money on a gift that is just going to sit around, or get thrown out. Because of the recent downturn of the economy, now is the time to buy Christmas gifts that are going to last. There are alternatives to manage the problem that may ultimately prove to be more beneficial than you would expect and the effects can be long-lasting positive.

1. Vouchers: Vouchers are a great gift to give as a substitute for cash. Vouchers are available at a number of different places -- gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies -- making it a very versatile gift idea. Vouchers are often available through loyalty programs which results in little or no waste.

2. Credit Card Payment: If you know the full balance isn't being paid off each month, even a partial payment will help pay down the interest. The financial damage this will cause is much higher than the interest that will occur. Interest rates on credit cards are outrageously steep. A small amount like fifty dollars, paid on a credit card account as a gift, can result in saving ten dollars of interest over a year. After Christmas this is the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Making a charitable donation: For the person who has everything, donating money to a charity in his or her name is a wonderful gift idea. If you're looking to qualify for a tax break, try giving cash donations. You might also think about being charitable this Christmas, giving to those who are less fortunate.

4. Livestock: Buy livestock as a gift, considering it's something that will keep giving back to a person over time. World Vision has had a gift program for many years now where you can choose to buy either a goat or a chicken. It is even possible to purchase fruit trees or seeds. This gift is one that will never stop giving, and will be an amazing piece of your property.

5. Educatio...

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Homemade Christmas Gifts - Christmas Gifts That Can be Made at Home

Homemade Christmas Gifts - Christmas Gifts That Can be Made at Home

What will you be giving the people you love for Christmas this year?

Store brand gifts, you can give everyone, like cookies in a round tin, truffles or bath items. For those dearest to your heart, a gift of jewelry is always nice.

What do you do if you don't have any money?

Nothing is more personal than home made Christmas gifts. When you create a gift with your own hands and heart, nothing makes a greater gift for those you love.

Here are some ideas for fairly simple Christmas gifts you can make.

Number 1. Someone else's trash might be a treasure to you. Look in the attic for junk you can turn into beautiful gifts. Do you know where to find beads no one wants? What about those 70's bead curtains that people don't use today? What about Christmas ornaments from long ago that don't fit in on your modern Christmas tree? Purchase a piece of elastic. Get out your scissors and carefully remove the beads from the curtains. Save beads from old necklaces, bead curtains and loose beads, then mix them up and put them together in new and fun combinations. String the beads on elastic thread for unique bracelets to use for gifts for the girls in your life, both young and old.

Number 2. Consider how much time you have to create the present. Do you know how to knit? Are you able to sew? You could make a cross stitch picture on a square piece of canvas and then sew it to a cushion cover, but only do this if you are a very patient person and have lots of free time on your hands. Begin with a pattern you know the recipient would enjoy and get started. Depending on how much time you have and your skill level, you could knit scarves or sweaters.

Number 3. Would you prefer to work with wood? A magazine rack would be great, if you are able to make it. If you're not up for that challenge, it might be easier to make a photo frame. You can create an easy picture frame with just two pieces of plywood and a saw, which can hold a photo of a special memory.

Number 4. Recollections of the past are priceless. How about a book of memories for those you love? Take a journal and let your imagination and artistic side go wild. Glue pictures on each page that bring back important memories for the recipient. Write a caption on every page about the event, then decorate it the best you can.

Number 5. Homemade food gifts for Christmas are always well received and you can make them yourself in ...

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I Bought Handmade This Holiday Season - Christy Petterson

comments (1) Written on December 28, 2007 4:19 PM

Christmas Gift Giving 2007

Now that all the gifts have been given, I thought I'd take a look at how well I did at buying handmade this holiday season. As previously stated, I do think it is ok for a few exceptions. Certain items can't be purchased handmade, mainly media (books, magazines, dvds, cds).

Below is everything I purchased! For specific details on each gift, please click here , where I list exactly who made each item.

Christmas Gift Giving 2007

I was proud to be able to purchase a few pieces of orginal art this year. A good friend of mine loves sea urchins and Wolfie and the Sneak had a beautiful 2-print set of sea urchins. Not exactly handmade, but I was also really excited to spread my love of Craft magazine by giving away many copies of the latest issue, which happens to contain my article about Japanese Book Binding .... I'm really proud of it!

I'm always so busy during the holiday season that it is hard for me to make hand crafted gifts. Instead I turned my focus to supporting other crafters. Luckily, there were ample opportunties to buy handmade. It's amazing how much the opportunities have grown over the past few years. It's great to be able to buy from so many exceptionally, talented crafters!

My gifts were purchased both online and in person at events and independent stores.
Here's a list of where they came from:

Brick & Mortar Independent Stores
Young Blood Boutique & Gallery
Your DeKalb Farmers Market

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