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Local resource for evaluating scrap book stores in Orlando. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide arts and crafts stores, scrap booking stores, scrap booking supplies, scrap booking paper, scrap booking stickers and scrap booking software, as well as advice on scrap booking, scrap booking ideas and designing scrapbooks.

Michael's Arts Crafts
(407) 226-1134
6725 South Kirkman Road
Orlando, FL
Michael's Arts Crafts
(407) 302-0232
111 Towne Center Boulevard
Sanford, FL
Art Lando
(407) 423-4088
213 N Magnolia Ave
Orlando, FL
Atlantis Art Glass Studio Inc
(407) 896-9116
809 Virginia Dr
Orlando, FL
Fine Framing Art
(407) 850-2200
5699 S Orange Ave
Orlando, FL
Michael's Arts Crafts
(407) 831-2237
375 East Altamonte Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL
My Art Studio
(407) 894-5950
4882 New Broad St
Orlando, FL
Sam Flax Art & Design Store
(407) 898-9785
1401 E Colonial Dr
Orlando, FL
Arl Lev Art
(407) 470-1355
1220 E Livingston St
Orlando, FL
Local Color Art Studio
(407) 841-9996
1309 Edgewater Dr, Ste 2
Orlando, FL

Scrapbook Ideas - Tips & Tricks

Scrapbook Ideas - Tips & Tricks

Creating a scrapbook helps to preserve memories by keeping them in a designated album; each photo includes a small description that serves as a reminder of what was happening when the photo was taken. Mainly, it depends on your artistic ability so that you get an end-product that makes you proud; you can continue to design scrapbooks as a hobby or even as a specialty.

If you do not have access to suggestions and helpful hints for designing scrapbooks, it may be difficult to get the job done smoothly, so you should obtain some basic knowledge about designing scrapbooks . Something to remember is that your scrapbook is about how you feel or felt about the different memories of your life. The notes that accompany your pictures should express your thoughts and feelings from that time in your life.

With so many fantastic suggestions and hints at your fingertips, you are going to be astounded by the results you achieve. Be careful when you make your color selections; you can use colors to capture attention, but certain colors can also be a turn-off. Loud colors and incompatible colors should be avoided. Remember that the whole scrapbook relies on your creativity. Glittering colors will give a very special effect to your scrapbook.

A simple border is very appealing, especially if it has a lot of color in it. For the borders , you should first decide on which materials and techniques you will be using -- this could be anything from s...

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Scrapbooking Pages - How To Get The Best Out Of Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking Pages - How To Get The Best Out Of Scrapbooking

Finding innovative ideas for scrapbooking is difficult. You have an exciting opportunity to create a true masterpiece, but you are having difficulty knowing where to begin. Don't panic!

Try the following suggestions to create a wonderful impression:

(1) Color -- The use of color is a vital ingredient of any scrapbook page. Color provides the easiest solution. The scrapbook page could be made with only one color, or the whole spectrum. You can experiment with various shades to find the best one for your page. Experiment with different color shades to create diversity. This may differ from your original concept.

This scrapbooking page suggestion shows you the possible interpretations of colors. This is fun to do. This suggestion can help you express something meaningful.

(2) Literature -- you can find inspiration for scrapbooking pages from works of literature. Inspired ideas from poems or books are acceptable. The authors are flattered when you draw inspiration from them. The authors of books like these tend to show characters and images in their creations. Characters such as those can be clearly envisioned. Share your ideas with other people using the images in your scrapbook.

Sometimes it can be difficult to base a scrapbook on literature. You'll have to explain it clearly so that people will understand. This shows your contribution to the work. You might even inspire people to read the books you recommend.

(3) Characters -- Many people find inspiration in various characters.

There are two options to consider when you choose a character:

(a) Fiction: Select a character from fiction. You can use a character to guide your vision for your scrapbooking page. Finding information about living people is far easier than researching fictional characters.

People are free to interpret the character any way they wish. Consider, for example, the Batman character. In the sixties, he was shown as a superhero wearing a blue and gray costume made of polyurethane. Later he was portrayed as being more talkative and had armor added. Still later he became a more serious character, donning a suit with nipples. This shows how people perceive a character based on their own imagination.

This idea for a scrapbooking page gives you some freedom. This is a point in its favor. Nobody can cast any doubts about how you describe this character.

(b) Real people i.e. non-fiction: It makes no difference whether they are living or not. Change is common in people. Always bear this in mind. Express this idea with Britney Spears as your inspiration.

Inspiration from actual people gives you insight into their lives. The downside to this is that you don't have the same freedom that you do using a fictional character.

(4) Hobbies -- Your favorite hobbies will inspire great scrapbooking ideas . Many prefer sports as well as other stuff. They are free to make these choices. You co...

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Scrapbooks Help You Hold Onto Memories

Scrapbooks Help You Hold Onto Memories

Scrapbooks are a great way to help keep you from forgetting special occasions. Making a scrapbook concerning this event is the best thing you can do. Scrapbooks are great for trapping your nostalgia into one place, to view any time you get that urge. You can post anything you desire in your scrapbook to recognize that special occasion, or day. This makes remembering that special moment in your life or in another person's life easier. Not just that, it is also a good way to keep important special items that you do not want lost, like awards printed on paper.

Let's imagine that your child just graduated from high school. His high school graduation is a great memory to record into your scrapbook. You can commemorate awards, and pictures from your child's schooling. Pins and other items can be kept there as well. Whenever you want to go back and recall an experience, you will have more than just photographs to bring back your memories. This will also work well in a book for a baby. Many folks like to keep items from the hospital, as an example, their hospital identification tag. But this is something which can be very difficult to hold on to. This is where the scrapbook becomes useful, and a godsend. Save a lock of hair from your child's first hair cut, and dedicate a page in your scrapbook to it. Now you have a place to record all pictures and memories, to make it last a lifetime.

There are many fun and effective ways to help ...

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